Mommy Makeover

For most women, pregnancy produces significant change in the breasts, abdomen and in the distribution of fat in the flanks, abdomen and thighs.  The place to start is always with a healthy diet and sensible exercise plan.

There are changes that involve the loss of volume of the breasts, loss of elasticity of the skin, downward drifting of the tissues and redistribution of fat that may be familial in origin and diet and exercise will not change.  Enter the process of the Mommy Makeover...

This process involves a combination of procedures and can include:

The changes that women undergo in their breasts after having children include the loss of volume, downward drifting or ptosis of the breasts and loss of elasticity.  Correction may involve enhancement with an implant alone or in combination with a lift.  Abdominoplasty is used to tighten the abdomen muscle and/or remove skin that is stretched.  Liposuction will help re-sculpt the flanks, abdomen and thighs.

Time in Surgery: 3-5 Hours
Time off of work: 2 Weeks

After an initial consultation with Dr. Gumucio, a personalized plan is produced to safely combine realistic results with the expectation of the patient.


While body type, genetics and lifestyle choices play roles in a woman's appearance after having children, Dr. Gumucio can employ up-to-date techniques to recapture a more toned and fit appearance after pregnancy.  With careful preoperative assessment and planning, these procedures are used in combination to allow the women to regain or even improve their appearance after a single operative sitting.


For more information on Mommy Makeover procedures, please call our office, at (706) 613-6650, and speak with our Patient Care Coordinator, Katie Burnett.