Our FAQs

Pricing is highly variable and is procedure specific. Since the surgery is performed at a hospital, costs include the surgeon's fee, hospital and anesthesia charges.

We charge $50 for our cosmetic consultations. Allow for an hour for each appointment. This is the time to get all your questions answered by the doctor.

The initial office visit regarding breast reduction will be filed with your insurance company. We then must send the clinical information/photos gathered by the doctor during the visit to a medical review team. They will determine whether or not the surgery meets the criteria for medical necessity. Some insurance policies exclude breast reduction altogether. Our success rate for approval is very high but may require participating in an appeals process.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. You may also choose to apply for a personal line of credit with CareCredit.

"Plastic" comes from the Greek word 'plastikos' which means to change or mold. Though we occasionally use synthetic materials in our surgery, the true meaning comes from the Greek language.

The recovery time is largely procedure specific but most outpatient cosmetic surgical recoveries fall in the 3-14 day range.

Any incision in the skin will leave a scar. We are adept at placing the scar in locations and orientations that tend to blend very well and/or are readily concealed by clothing.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to view before and after photos during your consultation appointment.

This is highly variable. Our goal is to make you happy. However, sometimes issues enter into the equation that are beyond our control. If a charge is to be incurred, we strive to make it as economically feasible as possible, usually just enough to cover costs.

It is usually more cost-effective to combine two or more procedures as charges are reduced. However, we will not compromise patient safety by doing too may procedures at one time just to minimize expense.

Liposuction deals exclusively with excess fat whereas an abdominoplasty addresses excess fat and skin while at the same time tightening underlying muscles.

Liposuction should not be considered a weight reduction operation but rather a body contouring procedure. Typically, people will lose a small amount of weight but the greatest benefit is in the shape/size change that results.

YES! There is no evidence that smooth walled breast implants lead to cancer or any other disease process. Dr. Gumucio can answer more specific questions at the time of your consultation.

The gains created by a facelift will always be present, even as you continue to age.

Yes, you may by choice or at the doctor's recommendation. The fee to spend the night is $500 in addition to your quoted procedural fee.

Dr. Gumucio prefers to have the resources of a hospital setting available with the supervision of a physician anesthesiologist. It also allows his patients to spend the night if necessary.