Our Facilities

Athens, Georgia

Your safety and comfort is paramount at Gumucio Plastic Surgery. That's why Dr. Gumucio performs his cosmetic procedures in a hospital affiliated setting.

We operate out of Piedmont-Athens Regional Medical Center and St. Mary's Hospital.  Utilizing the service of Outpatient Surgery Centers, Dr. Gumucio has access to the latest technology available. A full staff of trained nurses, anesthesiologists, and technologists will insure your ultimate well being.

The day of surgery, the friendly and knowledgeable outpatient surgery staff will guide you through the details of the surgery.  They will assure that you are at ease with the procedure and your loved ones are comfortable as they wait. After the surgery, you will be closely monitored by doctors and nurses. A typical length of stay following surgery is two to three hours. You will be dismissed to the care of a loved one who can take you home to rest for the remainder of the day.  The option is also available for patients to spend the night if they so desire.

Dr. Gumucio's partnership with local hospitals allows you access to the highest standard of medical care. So, enjoy the experience...love the results.